Who We Are

DigestAfrica is a Next-Generation Media Company that leverages research, data analytics and technology to bring the world up-to-speed with the African Startup Ecosystem.

We understand that the technology and startup scene in Africa is growing at an unprecedented rate. Something demonstrated by the increased interest from the rest of the world.

Currently, we are witnessing Nations, Institutions and Individuals seeking to take a piece of the next growth-frontier flock the continent. These include investors, researchers and individuals looking to startup technology companies. The other group is Foreign Governments, Agencies and Non-profits that want to bolster entrepreneurship on the continent through supporting the youths, innovation and technology.

However, many are struggling to come up-to-speed with the rapid activities happening from every corner of the continent. Partly because the continent is diverse. Something that’s not only slowing the process of decision making but making it impossible in some instances.

We fully understand that the world is a product of its decisions. That’s why our commitment is to provide it with timely and accurate technology and startup information from all corners of the African continent so that important decisions can be made whenever they need to be made.