Uganda’s SafeBoda finally launched its iOS app to enable its iOS user to book rides without going through the stress of calling the call center. According to the details in the App Store, it was launched on the 12th of September and the size is 53.0 MBs.


Previously, SafeBoda has only been running the android version to which it has made numerous updates since December 2016, when they made a complete overhaul, up to July this year – when they implemented the credit option allowing SafeBoda users avoid carrying cash.

Though there is still a lack of exact figures on the smartphone operating system usage in Uganda, it is clear by a mere observation of smartphone users close to you that Android is still king. Therefore, SafeBoda made a good bet on going with Android first.

However, despite the fact that iPhone (or iOS) users are still few not only Uganda but Africa, they’re still a good bet. This is because many are likely to be in middle-income hence a good disposable income to afford a decent ride.

iPhone or Apple products are generally used as a symbol of status, going by online social status. One such example is the iPhone show off party being organized at Trendz Lounge in Bugolobi.

With 10,000 downloads for its Android app in less than 24 months, that’s not a bad figure compared to other locally developed apps.