A red-tech affair: How to leverage technology on Valentine’s day

Valentines day
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Ever wondered how Gadget Boy spent Valentine’s Day with Heather, no? Neither did i. Still, technology has fast-paced into everything in our lives and Valentine’s Day is no different, here’s a simple guide to the ultimate tech-filled Valentine’s Day.

The Activities

The flowers: Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is nothing without flowers and of course technology has made this easy with the entrance of iflowers.com. Imagine Bae at the workplace because we’re all working tomorrow hate to break it to you, turns on his/her email and bam virtual flowers and a gift card are waiting. Iflowers.com lets you get personalized with its different sets of arrangements and gift cards that will make bae’s morning rosy.

The ride: It’s always romantic picking up your significant other from a long day of work to kick off festivities. Romantic but impractical with the traffic jam patterns of this city, so what do you do? Request an Uber, uber is here to make the world an easy place, just ask your partners to be at a certain place and let the Uber meet them there. The app allows you to track the vehicle as well as communicate with the driver and voila, a car is waiting, if that isn’t a ‘limo’ move, I don’t know what is.

Create your own card: Store cards get boring and are all identical so create your own card with your own magical words with Festivities, a website dedicated to virtual masterpieces, the site will generate your text into a heart shape and then you can print it out. Nothing says I Love you more than a few Romeo lines.

The food; there is no more hustle needed for booking reservations for restaurants, simply order online from your favourite restaurants with apps such as Jumia Foods and Simba Foods. Being in the comfort of your own home with delicious food never got easier.

Draw the ultimate portrait with an Infinite painter: With an android phone or a tablet, you’re a click away from being the next Picasso with the Infinite painter app. With a few simple directives, paint a wonderful portrait of your significant other and send it to her/him.

The offers

Two of my favourite offers these Valentines are;

Put Your Heart in an Uber: Uber is giving you a chance to express your love through heartfelt notes that you can share and stand a chance to win dinner for two, brunch, and a special hamper delivered by an Uber on Valentine’s day to your significant other

Jumia Wheel of Love: Spin the wheel of love and get a chance to win 100,000 off orders above 500,000. 5,000 off purchases worth 25,000 and much more.

The ultimate gifts

Two favourite things that have me obsessed and I consider ultimate gifts

Echo-Alexa: This is a home device speaker that plays music, checks the weather, is a talking search engine, organizes your day’s activities and is hand free amongst other things. This is a Suri with a revenge body and we love her circular frame.

Photo lemur Spectre: Photo-shop is now closed. Photo lemur Spectre is a photo enhancement app that uses artificial intelligence to retouch your photos giving you that magazine selfie look. Get this, please! And have a picture-filled Valentine’s day.