Kafeero Foundation
Program Details

Hackers Yacht is launching an exciting coding boot camp at Kafeero Foundation that will see a good number of youth come together to share and interface in a series of programming lessons.

The Hackers Yacht boot camp is a product driven coding program offering practical, project-based learning that turns passionate young people into software developers.

The coding boot camp is set to start on the 29 January and will run for sixteen intense weeks (four months) during which one will learn web and mobile apps development using tools like JavaScript, NodeJs, ReactJs, React Native, HTML & CSS, APIs, Git (Github), Heroku among other things.

Kafeero Foundation fully supports coding programs such as these since they offer opportunities to young people to develop skill sets in areas that can, later on, become a source of income to them. With that in mind, the goal of this coding camp is to have each student build and ship their own app to the app store.

This will offer them a unique experience whereby they know whatever they’re building is something that their friends and family can use and later on touch hundreds and thousands of people.

Are you ready to change and make an impact in your community and the world all over? Then sign up for the Hackers Yacht boot camp here.