The Merck Accelerator Program is looking for innovators and entrepreneurs to join their spring intake at their global headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany.

Currently, they are looking for startups with the potential to reshape entire industries and make people’s lives richer.

The main focus and emphasis is on startups in the fields of healthcare, life science,
performance materials and additional search fields – with a digital perspective.

Startups in the following areas will be highly considered;

  • Healthcare Startups: Working on prescription and over-the-counter
    pharmaceuticals as well as solutions in the areas of allergies, biopharma and
  • Life science Startups: Working on innovative tools and laboratory supplies for the
    life science industry that makes research and biotech production easier, faster and
    more successful.
  • Performance materials Startups: Working on speciality chemicals, such as liquid
    crystals for displays, effect pigments for coatings and cosmetics, or high-tech
    materials for the electronics.
  • Additional Search Fields: Working on Bio-Interfaces and Sensors / Enablers of
    Precision Farming / 3D Printing with focus on Pill Printing / Future Organic
    Chemistry / Microbiome.

Startups that will successfully get through the program should expect benefits like financial support of up to €50,000, access to a global network of over 50,000+ industry leaders and investors, deep-dive mentoring sessions to boost your ideas, travel and conference opportunities to enrich your international experience as well as working  in the brand new built Innovation Center in our global headquarters.

Apply the application details here.