Chief Technology Officer

Next Media Services
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Full Time
Job Description, Requirements & How to Apply

This is a support role and responsible person reports to the CEO

Primary role is to consolidate the overall digital strategy, technology strategy that includes broadcast engineering and internal I.T which ensure the all Next Media online brands stay on air and online.


  1. Plan, develop, implement and administer technology functions of the station, including information technology, broadcast and digital
    – Develop technology contingency plans to keep Next Media ahead and on track.
    – Prepare and maintain a power distribution and upgrade mechanism
    – Formulate and and execute current and future media and broadcasting needs for the network
  2. Organize and direct all technology functions of the station, including local area network and software infrastructure development and maintenance, telecommunications, data security and disaster recovery.
  3. Organize and direct the broadcast technology functions of the station including broadcast equipment engineering, broadcast studios and transmission facilities.
  4. Organize and direct digital media technology including digital media equipment and infrastructure.
  5. Ensure broadcast equipment and systems are available, maintained, robust and upgraded in a manner that ensures reliable, continuous operations compliant with all local rules and regulations.
  6. Ensure timely troubleshooting and engineering support to keep broadcast and networks reliably on-air and on streams.
  7. Plan and coordinate new installations or changes to technology infrastructure of the station.
  8. Perform all other duties assigned by supervisor



  • At least 5 years heading a digital, broadcast engineering and internal I.T team.
  • Proven operational skills, a keen sense of managing technology, and an ability to lead a large and diverse organization.
  • Demonstrated communication and interpersonal abilities to influence key senior executives to consider new information or different paths to accomplish key goals.
  • Excellent combination of both business and technical skills to understand business strategy and then build a technology infrastructure accordingly.
  • Fluent understanding of government regulations governing television broadcast and technology.
  • Proficient project management and organisational skills.
  • Proven track record of success in leadership positions
  • Post-graduate (PGD, MBA, MSc)

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